Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mother's Day Cards

I know that mother's day is a fair few weeks away but i decided to make  a start. Not that i have lots of mother's!! but because i have a few friends that want me to make some for their mother's!!! i made these few out of already pre cut cards. The one above i punch the edge and inked it and then added the topper it is a very simple design for me as being more of scrapper, i tend to want to add more!!! I also added a dusty attic piece which i just love and they look brilliant with a spray of cosmic shimmer!!!

I tried stitching this one, now i can embroider, but whole different thing on paper, i think the best thing to do is NOT to use a thick needle because the paper doesn't retract back like cotton!!!! and although you can't see it on here the butterflies had a two toned effect that flashed purple looks a lot better in real life :0).

this one could be used for birthdays to. the paper is glittery, like i mentioned before they look so much better in real life. The lace is cream, hopefully i will get a better camera soon and then the pictures will come out better!!!!

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