Tuesday, 5 February 2013


so you can move the photos and add text here like this !!!

and then have more like this !!!!!!!!!

And then like this so its not a big gap

so it looks all pretty ish xxxx
and you can have mini writing here xx

more stuff here xxx

Although i always say i'm not a card maker i do tend to make alot of cards!! mainly because i'm asked to. This is my latest craze! For a change i have also added some inside decoration. But i wont bore you with the pics!! It just corresponding cardstock and gems. TFL :0)


  1. Awesome looking website. I recently built mine and I was looking for some ideas for my site and you gave me a few. May I ask you whether you developed the website by youself?

    Cardsharing Server

    1. sorry i have been away from here for a while. I was just playing am afraid. No experience just trial and error. but thank you :)